Valkyria Revolution Review

Valkyria Revolution Review

While satisfying at times, poor story presentation and an abundance of superfluous elements make Valkyria Revolution less than the sum of its parts.

Обзор игры Valkyria Chronicles 4 (2018). Хроники Валькирии 4.

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Valkyria Revolution Review (PS4/PS Vita/XBO) Nothing Revolutionary| Gamma Review

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Valkyria Revolution is a spin off in the beloved Valkyria Chronicles series in an attempt to expand the Valkyria brand. So how does this game stand up as an action RPG? Well let’s find out.
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Valkyria Revolution Review – Turning Around A Bad Situation

Valkyria Revolution has a bad reputation. Despite its deviations from Valkyria Chronicles, it’s a unique take that retains and expands the series’ ideals.

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