Ten Pin Alley Review


Ten Pin Alley Review

This game isn’t as fun as real bowling – it’s more fun than real bowling.

Roto Grip Hustle Wine | Bowling Ball Review | Ten Pin Life

Ok, maybe it isn’t that kind of wine, but I can’t say a steak wouldn’t go well with it…

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With the 10th iteration of a ball in the Hustle line, Roto Grip comes out swinging with the Hustle Wine. Featuring the Hustle core and the VTC pearl coverstock, this ball feature the same technology (supposedly) as the Hustle RAP. When it was announced, it was also proximate to the release of the Burner Pearl from 900 Global and the Electrify pearl and hybrid were still available in the storm line. Needless to say, that’s a lot of low performance pearl balls.

But this ball isn’t just another HP1 ball. If you ask me, this ball was produced to pair well with the strong pearls recently released in the Zen and now the RST-X2.

It absolutely need friction, no doubt. But when there is too much friction for a Zen forcing you into either bad carry or massive angles through the fronts, this ball handles those spots spectacularly. The cover is clean and controlled and the lower differential Hustle core stores enough energy to kick the ten pin out on drier conditions.

House shot bowlers will appreciate this ball when needing to control the cliff. It’s ability to handle high volumes of friction as well as kick through the pocket when you hit oil makes it an ideal option for high ratio conditions.

Tournament bowlers will appreciate this ball for a multitude of reasons. It can be played up the boards, in the track and from deep inside. The key in this is finding where it matches up best, but when you do, it will keep you in the pocket a long time and allow you to hammer through the grind.

Overall, I enjoyed the Hustle Wine a lot more than I thought I would. I tend to prefer stronger core balls as they give me more miss room, but the controlled reaction of this ball is a welcomed addition to may arsenal.

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00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Hustle Wine Information
01:45 – The Arsenal Fit
03:17 – The History of Hustles
04:29 – Shots
06:49 – Ball Comparisons
08:09 – Zone Comparisons
10:28 – Wrap Up
11:12 – Best Use Scenarios
13:55 – What This Ball Isn’t
15:26 – Outro

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