Close Combat: Invasion Normandy Review


Close Combat: Invasion Normandy Review

While the gameplay is mostly identical to the preceding games, all the intensity of the Close Combat system remains in Invasion Normandy.

Close Combat V: Invasion Normandy (Big box PC game) Unboxing

Close Combat V Invasion Normandy, SSI, 2001
Unboxing Close Combat V: Invasion Normandy PC Big Box from my Big box PC game collection.
Music is original soundtrack (OST) from Close Combat V Invasion Normandy.

Big box retro collector:
My retro game collection consist of mostly PC big box games, but also NES, SNES, Sega, Amiga, Commodore 64 and other nice retro gaming devices.

I have collected PC big box games since childhood and I still remember browsing big box PC games from the store shelves when they existed. It was pure magic to buy a game and open it when coming home so I try to recreate that feeling with these kind of movies combined with original soundtrack from the game so that you will get this special moment, only you and the game content.

From me, Close Combat V Invasion Normandy gets:
x/5 as a game
x/5 for the soundtrack
x/5 for the big box cover art
x/5 for the big box content

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Close Combat – Invasion Normandy [12] Allies : Slugfest

We continue to battle head to head with the Germans. We are beginning to swing the momentum in our favor. Join us for the carnage!

Close combat 5 : Invasion normandy facing elite AI as axis

well it was pretty difficult match to be honest

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