Catherine Review


Catherine Review

Catherine is involving, intense, and unlike anything you’ve ever played.

Catherine Review

Вайфу и кубаны. Обзор Catherine Classic

По свежим эмоциям решили поговорить об игре Catherine от студии ATLUS. История любви, предательства и пугающей преданности. А так же коробки……коробки….. и моральные выборы.

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Which Version of Catherine Should You Play? – Catherine Classic + Full Body Ports Reviewed

This is an in-depth & comprehensive look at Catherine on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC and it’s remake Catherine Full Body on PS4, PSVita, and Nintendo Switch. We go into detail about singleplayer, multiplayer, gameplay, graphics and story. Huge thank you to the Catherine competitive scene & Shas for helping as well as Madoublex & Popcron for assistance recording.

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0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Classic
3:07 – Full Body Singleplayer
7:20 – Full Body Multiplayer
15:22 – Full Body Cont.
18:18 – Final Thoughts

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