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BREAKING: Lagos Danfo Buses Now Use Gas Instead Of Petrol – Photos


BREAKING: Lagos Danfo Buses Now Use Gas Instead Of Petrol – Photos

Nigerians are innovative, smart and hardworking set of people.

AutoReportNG was in Mowe-Ibafo a city in Ogun state and we decided to board a bus at Ketu, before boarding the bus we noticed some strange object like a gas tank under the seat but just as Lagos drivers can do anything to their vehicles, we overlook it as part of those things. The commercial bus decided to stop at a “Filling Station” to top up his tank, but this one seems to be irregular as the nozzle and the way it was sold was quite different from the regular petrol station. That was when the curiosity in us began to manifest, we asked the driver what’s going on why is he buying gas instead of buying petrol, the driver just smiled.

We were able to engage the driver as we journey along the trip and the driver was kind enough to explain the modalities, according to him, when the problem of fuel and scarcity is about making them go out of business, they think of a smart way to operate and also think of spending less. According to our findings, the vehicle uses an injector engine and with a gas of 900 naira, the driver said he can go from Lagos to Mowe (through and fro) 3 times even when there is traffic. That is very very cheap and cost effective! Imagine how much he will be making in a day just using gas only.

Let’s do the maths a bit, a full bus take 15 passengers and they charged 200 per passenger ((200 * 15) * 2) that is in a trip (through and fro), he will make 6000 naira, imagine going 3 times, that is 18000 using 900 naira gas. Imagine if he goes 10 times in a day, you can imagine.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!

These are some of the pictures we were able to gather…


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