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Lady Brings forth ‘Unusual’ Child In Aba, Abia State (Realistic Photographs)


Lady Brings forth ‘Unusual’ Child In Aba, Abia State (Realistic Photographs)

Lady Brings forth ‘Unusual’ Child In Aba, Abia State (Realistic Photographs)

There was freeze after a lady brought forth an unusual child at a clinic in Aba, Abia state. The episode which happened today purportedly stunned the doctor’s facility authorities and those around following the ”peculiar” birth. As indicated by Cynthia Chioma, the lady survived the conveyance and is said to be alive. The child passed on after birth.

While some think this needs to do with something profound, others have contended online this is a therapeutic condition.

A Facebook client Chyomsie Okorafor Gregory composed; ”He is an anencephalic baby,this sort of birth deformity is caused by absence of folic corrosive in the body of the lady.

On the off chance that a lady’s body stops folic corrosive and she considers, the absence of folic corrosive in her body will result to this where a piece of the skull or the entire skull will be totally gone”.

”These babies grow like normal pregnancies but once the baby is born and detached from the mother the baby dies. Lots of us don’t know if our body cuts short folic acid until the person must have taken in and will discover she is carrying an anencephalic baby maybe at 5months”.

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”So its important that once a woman is ready to start trying out for a child or gets married or is having unprotected sex that can lead to pregnancy, she should start taking folic acid to prevent things like this”


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